Sunday, April 8, 2012

Once, on a cool Spring afternoon... ~ Donna Carrick, April 8, 2012

April, 2012 Poems

On a cool Spring afternoon
Complete with birdsong,
The roar of distant waves
And enthusiastic neighbour dogs
Barking on their walks
Filling our ears,
We sat, my dog and I,
'Neath a grey sky.
Our hair coiled,
Dampened by the drizzle
That fell from trees.

Soft muted colours,
The green of new-ling lillies
And white birch bark,
Protected from our eyes
by diffused daylight
That spackled here and there,
Now hiding, but look quick,
Showing for an instant,
The season's splendour
Still to come.

I looked at my fine companion,
And she at me,
And in the quiet of the moment
I wrote,
"We were here."