Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Parlee Beach (...and you)

My heart yearns long and low for Parlee Beach
Where never was I judged, nor ever wanting;
Where sunshine stilled the days in memory haunting;
Where miles of sparkling sand ignited soul
And ears were captured by the seagull’s call.

My heart breaks soft and slow for Parlee Beach;
For rapturous moments in the salt-blue sea,
Throwing up my arms and being free;
Hearing your laughter nearby at my side;
Your sunshine-angel hair, your ocean eyes…

Oh, memory!

Donna Carrick, August 18, 2010


  1. Great use of language to wrap mind with body, sand and sea. Like it.

  2. Memories must be cherished and how beautifully you've done that with your words.

  3. That gave me goosebumps, Donna. Love the angel hair line. Thanks so much for sharing what was on your heart. :)

  4. Donna, that piece of work is beautiful. Right from the heart to the heart. Thanks Donna

  5. Thank you for the kind comments, everyone. Sometimes the best memories have the sharpest sting.

  6. That was lovely, Donna- a sweet, simple voice of longing.
    I, too, have memories of Parlee beach -

  7. Thank you, Miriam. I always remember that you and I share those memories of my favourite place. The number of years away have little meaning when one only needs to shut the eyes...

  8. So many memories of childhood in the 1960's and wonderful times with those I loved very much, most now gone spent at our cottage at Parlee Beach. Your words bring back fond rememberences of that wonderful beach, sailing and a place called Pacherels. Thank you.

  9. Thank you, Ian. Both you and Miriam know the place I'm thinking of. So few people have had that pleasure in life. Even my own family has never been there, never played on the strap-swings or seen the sun above the lighthouse.

    I used to run up and down the beach looking for quarters and nickles. I had sharp eyes then, and it was a favourite game of mine. Dad used to call me hawk-eye!

    At times we'd be the only family on the entire strip of sand. Heavenly.