Friday, October 28, 2011

October Songs -- by Donna Carrick

October is the perfect time for poetry.

The North country is in flux, it's mood changing daily -- even hourly. The sights, sounds and smells of a dying season fill our senses.

In Canada, these feelings may be even more acute. Some of us approach the snow and ice with trepidation, but overall there is a sense of resignation that brings a certain peace.

We want the world to pause, to hold its beauty for just a little longer. It's with this theme in mind that I offer these October Songs:


I will take this love
Wherever it may lead me,
As long as I have words...


October's passion:
splendor of red, orange, gold.
My love walks with me.


Precious solitude.
Autumn claims the heart of me,
whispers to my soul.


For awhile they held
deep cool breath of Fall -- in love --
and then she was gone.


I hope you will enjoy these pieces. Please feel free to visit again, stay awhile, and share your own thought on this season by commenting below.

Thank you,
Donna Carrick October 28, 2011