Thursday, September 6, 2012

People I'm Grateful For -- Sept.6/12

This is a thoughtful time of year, with Fall in the air and the children back at school. Our Canadian Thanksgiving is on the horizon and minds are sated from the summer's abundant rays.

Things are quieting down for us on the social front, as they do every September. Our northern home enjoys many warm-weather visitors -- in winter, not so many.

It's a season for gratitude, and with that in mind, I'd like to take a moment to ponder the people for whom I am most thankful:

1- Those who are consistent in their kindness, generously including us in the fun times, even as we do our best to be gracious and inclusive friends. Your company decorates our lives. It sparkles like sunset on our own Georgian Bay.

2- Those who bravely hold and express their true views while remembering to respect the individual rights of others to do the same. Those who refrain from hostile or overbearing debate, prefering to 'simply state' as desired, then move aside, allowing others to feel at liberty to 'simply state'. Those who remember that 'freedom' is a farce without mutual respect.

3- Those who think of us, just as we think of them, as necessary elements in our lives.

4- Those who recognize that we are imperfect, but love us anyway.

5- Those who are aware of their own imperfections, but who possess the best of hearts, which always trumps our human flaws.

6- Those who arrive without fail, who honour tradition, who bring their smiles and laughter. Those who enjoy us, and who allow us to enjoy them.

7- Fellow writers, with their constant support for each other. The way they share ideas, their unending encouragement for one another. They are the recorders of our time, their words are paintings to be viewed by generations to follow.

8- My on-line friends, for the generous way they share the large and small events of every-day life. Their joys, their sorrows, even at times their grief. I so look forward to their updates, their pictures and their news.

9- Let me not forget to express this same gratitude for my own dearest ones. My husband, Alex, and our three 'next generation' beloveds, Tom, Ted and Tammy. When times are difficult, you are the ones I most rely on, and for you my gratitude knows no bounds.

Being human, I often fall short of my own ideals. I hope the people in my life will forgive my shortcomings, knowing my friendship is honest and true.

That's all for today.

Donna Carrick
September 6, 2012


  1. A wonderful list, and some sentiments I share with you, Donna. Especially the 'Being human', one.

  2. I am greatful for meeting you on the internet, Donna. You and Alex are kind, generous people.

  3. Thank you both, ladies! To the many wonderful people in our lives...